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British Science Week

17th March 2017

British Science Week

In March, the whole school took part in British Science Week for the first time ever. The theme for the week was CHANGE. On Monday morning, everyone was very confused as unusual changes had taken place in our classrooms: chairs were on the floor, portraits upside down, boards were written in different languages, icebergs filled the P6 classroom and mystery objects had appeared overnight. No one knew what was happening.

Mrs Cuthbert called an emergency assembly to discuss the strange events. Suddenly, we heard rustling behind the curtains. When we opened them, we encountered four scientists called STEM Ambassadors. They conducted a series of experiments showing how changes happen in different areas of Science.

Throughout the week, the STEM Ambassadors worked with a range of classes to explore the theme of CHANGE. We had workshops on forensic science, solids, liquids and gases, dehydration, gravity, forces and electricity. On the final day, the P7s, who had observed all the experiments, put together a Science Fayre for parents and other pupils to share the amazing work that had taken place in the school during the week.