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About our Classes and Staff

Head Teacher: Mrs Asha McLorinan

Acting Depute HeadTeacher: Mr Elder


Session 2023/24

We have 7 primary classes within the school as follows:





  Miss Smeaton

  Ground Floor 1


  Miss Slater

  Ground Floor 2


  Mrs Phillipson-Masters

  Ground Floor 3


  Miss McKay

  First Floor 4


  Miss Mitchell

  First Floor 5


  Miss Penman

  First Floor 6


  Mrs Amao

  First Floor 7

  Supporting Learners

  Mrs Cook (Mon, Tue, Wed) 
  Mrs Elvins (Mon, Wed, Thu)
  Miss Gillespie (Thurs, Fri)
  Mrs Lasky (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)
  Mrs Wood (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri)


  NQT Supporter

  Mrs McCabe


  Reduced Contact Time 

  Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Cook



We also have the following support staff in our school:

Mrs Boyer: Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs Lonie: Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs Shaw: Primary Early Years Support Assistant

Miss Lynch: Learning and Care Assistant

Mrs Nolan: Learning and Care Assistant


Carrie Lorimer and Hester Gregory: School and Family Development Workers


Mr McGregor and Mr Carr: Facilities Assistants


The following staff visit our school to provide specialist teaching and support:

Mr Thomas: Strings Instructor

Mrs Bird: Brass Instructor

Mr MacGregor: Percussion Teacher

Mr McLean: Kodaly Teacher


Denise Martin: Educational Psychologist

Orlagh Ree: Speech and Language Therapist